The 10 Best Burgers to Try in London Eaten
The 10 Best Burgers to Try in London

There is nothing quite so beloved and universally adored as the humble burger. Whether you like to jazz it up with a cacophony of toppings or stick with your basic buns, burgers know how to appeal to the masses and have planted themselves front and centre of the London food scene. To help you find your new favourite, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best the capital has to offer and created the definitive Eaten guide for you to eat your way through (as if you needed an excuse).  

Best on Eaten - Black Bear Burger


Black Bear Burger’s original burger holds the prestigious title of being ‘Best on Eaten’ and consistently manages to impress our foodies. Aged patties, onion jam, pancetta, American cheese & garlic mayo, just naughty enough without being too heavy... there’s a reason this burger is the undisputed best in London. Find it in Shoreditch’s Box Park or Canary Wharf’s Giant Robot.



Most Original - The Green Grill 


We’ve searched far and wide for the ‘weirdest’ burger in London, and decided to award the title to ‘The Green Grill’. This travelling pop-up has created burgers in every colour you could think of - no idea why, mind - but their rainbow of buns do make for a wonderfully gleeful eating experience. They change up their menu quite frequently, but our current favourite is the ‘Surfs Up’ burger, a butterfly blue pea bun filled with deep fried Nori Tofu. 


Best Meat Alternative - Tell Your Friends 


Gone are the days of a forlorn looking mushroom in a fancy roll constituting the only vegan offering on the menu. London is now full to the brim with creative, plant based, realistic meat alternatives. If you’re flexitarian, transitioning, or just want a vegan burger that gives you the texture & taste of meat, give ‘Tell Your Friends’ a try. They use a Moving Mountains patty to give the ‘bleeding’ effect of real meat and combine it with cheddar cashew cheese, salad, pickled slaw and sundried tomato ketchup, perfect for when you need a guilt-free ‘meat’ fix. 




Best Chain - Five Guys 


Whilst it’s all well and good trying a different independent burger every week, sometimes you just want what you want. Highstreet burger chains have made leaps and bounds in recent years, and are offering both great cuts of meat and great flavour combinations. The one we find ourselves craving more than any other (apart from Maccy D’s), has to be Five Guys. Juicy beef patties, soft buns, whatever topping your heart desires… can’t really go wrong, can ya?


Juiciest - Dip and Flip  


If you love proper old school American-style hamburgers that have been absolutely soaked in gravy, then Dip & Flip is your boy. Most things on the menu come with their own portion of salty, meaty, splendidly thick gravy to dunk into, but the real stars of the show here are the burgers themselves. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, thanks to their use of an extremely hot chrome griddle, Dip & Flip have managed to nail the perfect classic beef burger.


Best All Rounder - Bleecker Burger 


Hot on the heels of Black Bear for the best burger in London title is Bleecker, a Victoria based restaurant serving classic burgers, fries and shakes. If you want a burger that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, Bleecker burger is the one for you. The burgers look like they’ve stepped straight out of a cartoon and taste exactly as a good burger should, and have earned themselves a cult following of die-hard fans. 


Best Vegan - The Vurger Co


Rather than attempting to replicate the exact taste of its meat counterparts (looking at you Impossible Burger), The Vurger Co ensures that its burgers remain true to their vegan spirit and champion the best plant-based ingredients. Our favourite is the Big Mex - spicy chipotle corn fritter patty topped with tomato, onions, crispy jackfruit and spicy cheesy house made queso sauce


The Biggest - Mother Flipper


It’s big. This meatstrosity from Mother Flipper is made from ten (ten!) 3oz smashed patties with a slice of gooey cheese melted in between each layer. The rest of the burger is kept nice & simple with salad, ketchup and gherkins, although for the extremely brave (and extremely hungry) there is also the option to add 10 rashers of bacon. Will you explode? Probs. Will it be worth it? Definitely!




Most Gourmet - Bar Boulud 


We know that calling a burger ‘Gourmet’ is essentially an excuse to throw a few snazzy ingredients into the mix and charge an extra fiver (or two!), but if you’re in the mood for something fancy, try the Frenchie Burger at Bar Boulud. Beef patty, rillon, Dijon mustard and rocket tomato fondue in a Morbier cheese and pepper bun, this burger is the perfect choice for date night and will leave you feeling all sophisticated. 


Best Chicken - Cut and Grind 


Whilst Cut & Grind is famous for its beef burgers (it won the UK’s Burger of the Year in 2018), we think the real MVP here is their chicken. What’s special about the Cut & Grind chicken burger is that is uses a chicken thigh patty, making it juicy AF and unlike anything you’ve had before. Tzatziki, Spicy Mayo and fresh, in-house pickles make a welcome change from your usual greasy, fried chicken burgers, and you’ll leave feeling fully satisfied and wholly guilt free.


Let us know which of these burgers you're most excited to try (& remember to share it with us) 

Happy Eatening!